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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Writing Poems

Leave tobacco alone, ban poetry,
Look at what it has done to me,
Flashes of ideas and misshapen thoughts,
Each more distracting than the last,
And when they're done with me,
I'm blabbing incoherently.
Hear! Master of my words, O Enticing Sin,
Release this poor wayward heathen,
Let me be; Please, prithee,
I've come to; Realise my folly,
'Speares and 'Sworths are not for me,
Give me back my sanity!


Theoden said...

Written in 2006.

Written in 5 minutes flat.
Just skim it.

Painless Death said...

Wow!! Its really good

..... even though I cant make out most of it.

Placebo-89 said...

read it -liked it.....thought i'd tell you.....

Sharan said...

5 minutes?it pretty good.would have made it 2 the school mag this year had you been here..!!