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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On an unforgettable weekend of a forgotten week,
When the semester had reached it's give-up peak,
I returned from home and found
My wing had burned to the ground.

Now, fire is fine for fire's sake,
But booze-induced fires are a bit hard to take,
Especially when yours truly finds his room charred
And the wing indelibly scarred.

Piece by piece, I pieced together the tale
Of heroic deeds done after heavy ingestion of ale.
Not heroic really, some seniors (and batchmates quite tame)
Thought it would be fun to set the wing aflame.

The spark stoked spread soon, gaped the drunks foolhardy
(Lesson learnt : Do not feed a fire with Bacardi)
An army of sophies, at 3 a.m., from their sleep roused,
Bucket after bucket,
From the bathroom to the foyer,
The fire was doused.

All this happened in my sophie year,
Now it's the wing's legend, for all to hear,
Only recently upped by the 26K treat,
But thats another story, tell you the next time we meet.