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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Prime Location

Behold! A magnificent mountain on the horizon.

"Feel", said one of the party, "the glorious sun",
We shall settle here, grow old and prosper,
And, as was decreed, the city was peopled - all was done.

Eventually, Empires emerged and Others began to appear,
Heroic wars were fought, many died, much trouble,
All for a bit of land and a lone mountain standing there.
Death did not deter the intruders - no, their strength redoubled,
But peace reigned supreme, wrought with great care.

They came, first with pickaxes, and stripped it of it's pebbles,
Boulders were hauled, cliffs chiseled and a fort erected,
Manned by a carefully chosen set of warriors most capable,
But the best creation of Man is doomed to fail - and it did,
Ignorantly, He ploughs on, living in his own bubble,
It is a travesty of Nature, and I am to live here,
Rock by rock, everything's gone, all's left's rubble.