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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ravings of a Maniac

I write not for fame nor recognition, for the time is too past.

I write out of my own realisation, that life is not a farce.

Born a human,named an Indian,branded a brahmin,

At a tender age,I was forced to obey the rules of my kin.

In the name of education, they taught me to discriminate

Between the rich neighbour's and poor beggar's fate.

As I grew, I thought money was what was essential,

And later, the lust for power became my ideal.

Law school saw me learn how to bend the statute

So that my client should emerge victor in the dispute.

Today, as I realise that my breath is limited

I write to show that a sinner has repented.

"Life is given to man not to enjoy alone

Or that when death should knock, he should die alone

But to satisfy the soul likened to God

So that when the time may come for it to depart

It may go with a smile a cheer, without pain or blemish,

That, my dear friends, is why life is given to us - To cherish!"

1 comment:

Theoden said...

Written in 2004.

In 10 minutes flat.