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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Wind

My heart's a-bloom,
It shoots up through the stony ground
And soars into skies of hope eternal
And marvels at the joy all around.

Struck by wanderlust,
I am the Wind who, wondrous as ever,
Soothes the wounds of Man and Nature
And aimlessly wander forever.

Wandering thus have I seen
The secrets and marvels of the world,
I have sought,I know not what,and,
In a sea of slime found pearls.

Joyous I am in the darkest of nights
When deathly monsters are at bay,
For, I know that the sun will rise
There shall be a flood of light 'nother day.

Afar, I see the falcon cry
And swoop down 'pon it's prey,
Quickly, the victim is slain, its corpse
Dead and dismembered lay.

I must stop and mourn its death
Shed a sad tear p'haps
But I smile and pass it by,
My joy - it suffers not a lapse.

For there's always death in life,

But then,there's also life in death.

Afore I have gone a few steps,
I smell a delicious smell,
Ah! Ecstasy! I have smelt this before,
My heart with joy swells.

I rush to catch the first drops,
My heart throbbing imperiously,
I care not for the obstacles in my path,
I blow hard and thunderously.

But then by a cruel twist of fate
I feel myself weaken,
My joy is gone, fear and regret
Rule my heart broken.

Alas! It must fall unwelcomed
Onto a parched and cracked rift,
Oh! What would I not have done
To feel Heaven's gift.

Yet there's hope in me
(another time p'haps)
My smile masks my inner pain,
I die a silent death,
And quietly falls the rain.

1 comment:

Theoden said...

Inspired by Kenneth Grahame,U2 (Beautiful Day)

"The heart is a-bloom, it shoots up through the stony ground..."

Written in 2006.