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Monday, October 09, 2006


Wind dies down, light grows weak,
Waves lash against the beach,
And, in the velvety carpet, a point
Appears beyond my reach.

Days pass by, the world shivers
But you, with your cheery light,
Stand by for all who desire
A guide in the night.

The naive crown you king
Of all the nocturnal landscape,
Your mesmerising twinkle provides
The unassuming poet an escape.

Yet, are you what you seem to be?
Have you ever grieved
For the sorrow and sickness of Man
Or the way our hearts bleed?

Your sight is praised, but it is
A light that never ever warms.
No comfort, no solace, no feeling,
Your light has only a queenly charm.

Should I too bow and crown you king?
Or defiant, contest this popular belief
That a prick of light that twinkles in the night
Can bring people some relief?

P'haps, it is true, without you,
The world would miss the glory
Of being a planet blessed with the sight
Of a majestic star's glory.

1 comment:

Theoden said...

Inspired by : Metallica/Bob Dylan (Astronomy)

"Yes, a light that never...never warms."

Written in 2004.