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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Sinner and The Samaritan

An old hag ventured into our temple,

"There is no God",said he,

Our priest, a noble brahmin,

Opposed the idea a fortiori.

Vehement argument, heated debate,
Words of counsel of no avail,
Our priest said ,"This old mind
Will not let common sense prevail."
On the verge of defeat, the venereable monk
Could bear not the visitor's mirth,
He led him to the courtyard
Where a pregnant cow was giving birth.
"Witness Nature and her marvels
And tell me if you still grieve".
The old hag's heart fluttered and said
"Ah! 'Tis true, I do believe."
With a smile on his face, the virtuous
Parted with belief and as friends,
While, our saint here thanked God
For letting the hag see sense.
Then, there was a Samaritan
Who proclaimed,"I've seen God"
And, our priest just sighed
And mocked accord.
He led the man to an old shed
Where lepers existed,
He let the man observe
Their plight undisturbed.
The heart that feigned
The sight of God couldn't see love,
Instead it saw the hate and misery
Of the Spirit above.
"There is no soul so cold
To let It's baby die,
No Heart so hard to let
It's creation cry.
"My belief is not true,
'Tis not quite right,
There is no God," said
The inept hypocrite.
I was puzzled by the
Priest's act, and said as much,
The saint smiled, looked away
And ignored me as such.
"Dissent is never a match
For faithful surrender," said he
"Yet there is nothing as shallow
As jeunesse doree.
"So, I urged the chaste skeptic
To surrender with faith to He,
While I forbade the impure cheat
To desecrate the Lord," said he.
We are all instruments of God,
He works His wonders through us.
Let us not neutralise the effort,
Let us enjoy life , be joyous.

1 comment:

Theoden said...

Inspired by : GM/Prof. B.P. Pandey

"Surrender...surrender with faith. Do not neutralise the effort."

Written in 2003.