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Tuesday, July 31, 2007



I watch the world around me with a slight unease
The wind blows, but it isn't the good old breeze,
I wonder, as I fall on my knees,
Did the Devil finally this earth seize,
Our worthless minds too easy to please,
My brows, with intense thought, crease,
My lips, with a cold dread, freeze,
My Eye, oh unseeing Eye, no longer sees,
I have no share of my past expertise,
I whisper a dead man's pleas,
Beware of this unholy sleaze.
(Of greater danger to humanity than cheese :P)

I watch the world around me with a slight unease,
I am helpless against the onslaught of this disease,
Yet, I say, I shall not descend to SMSese.


Theoden said...

Try going easy on it. Purely out of boredom. I apologize for hurting any sentiments, and my compliments to Roshan.

Nomadica said...

Nah, its pretty good, even for a boring poem! the SMSese...

Yeah, its not bad! Pretty hilarious, actually.