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Friday, June 01, 2007



So speaks Balathusrus, of the Elven race.

‘Gather around, friend, for long-forgotten tales
of glory, of valour, splendour and war,
of deeds outrageous, of the might of mages,
of elf, of man and of dwarf,
of peace and strife, order and turmoil,
of cities as great as Hirrengard,
of orcs, of wargs, of trolls,
of dragons and serpents and all.’


Theoden said...

Here begins the Tolkien tribute.

A few notes :
Names, though lifted, mean different things.

Races, though lifted, are a in-between of Tolkien's Middle-Earth and LOM's Urak.

A Pegasus would be the closest thing to the Lord's swan.

Do not confuse Mirkwood, Beleriand etc. from LotR. They may or may not be the same (depending on your convenience).

Denethor, regardless of what he may be in LotR, is a name used for Balkoth's incarnation here.

Hirrengard is the dwarvish name for N'Ruk.

Anonymous said...

Why do you write these tributes to Tolkien?

I had to do so much wikipedia to understand this.I don't really read books.