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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Prime Location

Behold! A magnificent mountain on the horizon.

"Feel", said one of the party, "the glorious sun",
We shall settle here, grow old and prosper,
And, as was decreed, the city was peopled - all was done.

Eventually, Empires emerged and Others began to appear,
Heroic wars were fought, many died, much trouble,
All for a bit of land and a lone mountain standing there.
Death did not deter the intruders - no, their strength redoubled,
But peace reigned supreme, wrought with great care.

They came, first with pickaxes, and stripped it of it's pebbles,
Boulders were hauled, cliffs chiseled and a fort erected,
Manned by a carefully chosen set of warriors most capable,
But the best creation of Man is doomed to fail - and it did,
Ignorantly, He ploughs on, living in his own bubble,
It is a travesty of Nature, and I am to live here,
Rock by rock, everything's gone, all's left's rubble.


Theoden said...

Written in May 2009.

Was disturbed by the development of Hyderabad City (the Hi-Tec Suburb).
More incoherent than most of my others, so tread lightly.

Sharanya said...

Always. Always, the intimidating imagery, the plush words,the play of grand emotions. I'm sort of jealous that you've found your style so soon- or at least, that's what it looks like; many spend their whole lives searching for it.