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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disturbed Thoughts

Often when I'm accosted by
A stranger with his tremulous sigh,
I feel an urge to knock him down,
But instead, meet him with a polite frown.

Often I've wondered about this quirk of mine,
How can a person who is otherwise sanguine
Look upon his brethren with no pity,
and later mask it with complete civility?

Often I've wandered about the city
Searching for a companion with inhumane humanity,
Flickers of scorn, glimpses of anger were shown,
That gave me hope that I wasn't alone.

It's then that I'm reminded of
a madman's anecdote - don't scoff;
For, it is representative of our shallow culture
and a true representation of human nature.

When charged with murdering six, and,
Harming three others, he frankly told 'em,
"I'm sorry, I did not intend to harm them,
I merely wanted to kill them."

How true! In this horribly civilised mess,
There is possibly only one way to destress,
For, it is only when man stoops to the level of a beast
that the pressures of being a man cease.


Theoden said...

Written in a lecture. In 2008.

Yes. I was bored.

Nomadica said...

Whoa. Sounded like anything but the result of boredom. All that eagerness for violence-like you were drowning in some self-destructive pool of misery and frustration. I suppose you just wanted to DO something. Breaking a pencil right then would have been equivalent to killing a man, I think.

Its interesting how the mood of a person can so vastly vary from the feel of the matter produced. Like here.


White Shadow said...

" For, it is only when man stoops to the level of a beast
that the pressures of being a man cease... "

You seemed to have revealed manikind's dirty little secret.
Bravo! Loved it.

Sach! said...

That's one of my mood there..I so dream (but not wish) to be so..
Loved the 1st set of lines...