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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Belfast's War : Part 1


The air was charged with news of war,
The skies were lit by a lonely star,
Waters rippled at the news of doom,
Soldiers of Wallaha were sunk in gloom,
The warriors of Morcha, intent to show
Their crippling power, their devastating blow,
The civilians of Sheer ran hither-thither,
The birds,in their fright, shed their feathers,
The walls of Sheer crumbled in shame,
the trees bent down, bearing the blame,
The king of Sheer, with an anxious frown
awaited messages from the king of Sioune.

"Sioune, the capital of Morcha the cunning,
Morcha at war, there is no turning
back ; Mind you, our armies aren't
slack ; The king of Sheer just daren't
attack ; Why, he hasn't even set up armored
flak ; Support we have garnered
back from the people, from the various forces,
We shall, in this war be victors."

"Beleagured soldiers of Wallaha, look up,
Frightened citizens of Sheer, hear up,
Terrified Nature, Oh Please! perk up,
Defeat is in thy face, own up,
Yet, you have to deny it, I say, listen up,
If we can resist them now, stand up,
We can live forever, swords up,
And fight like never before, fight up,
So I speak, the king of Sheer."

And so, the kings of the two empires spoke,
Yet, one's heart in his bosom was broke,
"What are a few untrained militia
against the might of Morcha",
thought the king of Sheer with a shiver,
the matter was out of his hands forever.
With tears in his eyes, he looked up at the calendar,
the pages said it was the fifth of September.


Theoden said...

Written in 2003.

My first long ballad.

It's long.

Siddhartha Das said...

nice. long. amazing. keep it up.